WURRLYedu Named Parents’ Choice Award Winner

WURRLYedu Named Parents’ Choice Award Winner

We’re thrilled to announce that WURRLYedu has been selected as a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award® winner. Parents’ Choice is the nation's oldest and most respected nonprofit guide to quality children's media and toys.  


The Parents’ Choice Awards program honors children’s toys and media that encourage children’s development, respects their intelligence, and offer many opportunities for learning through play. Products are selected by the manner they help a child grow in many ways: socially, intellectually, emotionally, ethically, and physically. 


Parents’ Choice Award winners have long-term learning value and play value. They’re innovative in concept, appealing, skillfully produced, and fairly priced. WURRLYedu was chosen for its ease of use, comprehensive music catalog, and ability to make music education fun, effective and accessible. Parent’s Choice said: WURRLYedu is a fun, easy to use karaoke style music app to help musical kids learn and play many popular contemporary and traditional songs. There’s a solid selection of standards, classical, country and musicals too.


The app includes some excellent features, making rehearsing enjoyable as well as productive. There are games to practice basic skills, such as scales and rhythm. In the practice section, there are customization tools to permit key, tempo and instrumentation changes, from piano or guitar to a full band. Many songs also come with a vocal guide to help build singers’ confidence. Once you’re finished practicing, the app makes it easy to record yourself, and the simple video production tools, image filters and audio processing, personalize your video recording.

Overall, with thousands of songs, WURRLYedu is an inventive tool for aspiring musicians to support practicing and inspire experimentation. 


You can read the entire Parents’ Choice Award-winning product review here:


WURRLYedu among SETDA's 2020 Cohort of Emerging Partners

WURRLYedu among SETDA's 2020 Cohort of Emerging Partners