Happy End of The School Year from WURRLYedu!

Happy End of The School Year from WURRLYedu!

WURRLYedu Milestones

As the school year comes to an end, we want to reflect on all that we have accomplished at WURRLYedu over the past nine months.


We began the year by launching a pilot program with the School District of Philadelphia.  We trained hundreds of teachers in Philly during their Professional Development Days and rolled our WURRLYedu district wide.

As the year progressed, we broadened our music therapy pilot program with the Exceptional Children’s Foundation Kayne Eras School in Los Angeles. With WURRLYedu, ECF students are able to integrate music and video into their academic lessons using their iPads – which serves to expand their learning experience and their social and emotional development. WURRLYedu has become an integral part of the curriculum and, not surprisingly, the students love it! Our CEO and founder, Nadine Levitt, talked about our partnership with ECF during an interview with KTLA-TV and how the WURRLYedu program at ECF uniquely supports kids with special needs.

Our work with the Boys and Girls Clubs also expanded this past year. Multiple clubs throughout the Los Angeles area implemented WURRLYedu's program of social and emotional learning through music into their programs. And finally, WURRLYedu became an official Microsoft Education Partner


In May, WURRLYedu received the honor of being awarded MediaPost's 2019 Appy Award in the Education category, which recognizes ‘best in class’ platforms that have done a remarkable job to inform or educate about a given subject.

WURRLYedu was chosen for its ability to deliver culturally relevant lesson plans and a comprehensive suite of tools to make music education fun, effective and accessible for teachers and students.

Product Development

Our platform has evolved so much in the past few months.

  • We recently launched our new ear training games - which provides automated feedback on accuracy of scales as well as rhythmic and melodic call and response exercises!  

  • We now have thousands of music lesson plans from General Music, to Modern Band, Jazz, Special Education, Therapeutic Music Activities, and Choir.

  • We re-organized our music catalog in the teacher web portal so that it’s easier to find the songs you’re looking for!

  • And soon to come, we will deliver the student web portal to provide equitable access to WURRLYedu for all students. We'll also be introducing new enrichment programs like our upcoming School for the CIA module, which builds community along with critical life skills.

We have so many exciting initiatives planned for the 2019-2020 school year and can’t wait to share them with you next year!

WURRLYedu among winners of the ISTE Best of Show 2019!

WURRLYedu among winners of the ISTE Best of Show 2019!

WURRLYedu Named 2019 Appy Award Winner for Best Education App

WURRLYedu Named 2019 Appy Award Winner for Best Education App