WURRLYedu Supports Kids Music Day! Oct. 6th-8th

WURRLYedu Supports Kids Music Day! Oct. 6th-8th

WURRLYedu encourages individuals to think of music as an action, rather than as an element, or for lack of a better word...a “thing”. Music is something that people do, and it is something that people do together. This means that music is an integral part of forming and maintaining a community. WURRLYedu strives to keep music programs active in our schools. We aim to ensure that all students have access to the communities that participating in music can provide for them. WURRLYedu has created a platform that allows students and teachers to engage with music in new and exciting ways! With the utilization of technology, we provide an opportunity for students to be inspired, to practice, to record and ultimately reflect on their musical experience. WURRLYedu drives students to learn and collaborate with others. As a result, students remain engaged and feel connected to a broader community.



 It just so happens that the Keep Music Alive organization is celebrating their 2nd Annual "Kids Music Day" today, October 6th, 2017 and we are all for it!

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Keep Music Alive is on a mission to promote how valuable and important music is in all of our lives: academically, therapeutically or just making us a happier society overall. As part of this mission, their new book "88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life" features over 150 inspirational music quotes, anecdotes and stories that show how music has affected the lives of people all over the world. Musicians, songwriters, music educators and music fans from around the world contributed to "88+ Ways" including almost 2 dozen music, film and TV celebrities. For story samples please visit 88+ Ways Story Samples.

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Keep Music Alive wants you to know that 50% of the proceeds from all book and ebook sales are donated to non-profits that support schools and communities in need of musical instruction and education! Their current beneficiaries include Guitars in the ClassroomSpirit of Harmony and Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.

What Is Kids Music Day?!

Keep Music Alive is partnering with music schools around the world to help focus attention on the importance of including music as part of our children's education. Some of the ways your school can participate include holding an open house, a community/family jam, student music performance, music instrument donation drive, instrument petting zoo, Bring a Friend to a Lesson or even a Kids Music Day Sale on lessons, instruments or accessories.

There is no fee to participate! 420+ music schools in the US & Canada are joining the movement! Your Kids Music Day event or promotions can be held anytime during THIS weekend, Friday 10/6 - Sunday 10/8. Keep Music Alive will include your music school or store name, logo and weblink on KidsMusicDay.org and promote your event to your local print, radio and TV media. For more information visit their website http://www.keepmusicalive.org/ OR if your location would like to participate, please email Keep Music Alive at info@KeepMusicAlive.org or call (610) 874-6312.

We strongly encourage your participation! WURRLYedu aspires to revolutionize the way music is taught in schools. Let’s work together to emphasize the importance of music education around the world!

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