WURRLYedu and The School District of Philadelphia Partner To Revolutionize Music Education

WURRLYedu and The School District of Philadelphia Partner To Revolutionize Music Education

Los Angeles, CA, November 8, 2018

WURRLYedu announced today a partnership with the School District of Philadelphia for a significant pilot program to implement WURRLYedu’s music education platform in their classrooms. WURRLYedu delivers culturally relevant lesson plans and a comprehensive suite of tools to make music education fun, effective and affordable for teachers and students. WURRLYedu’s innovative approach increases student engagement, improves the development of both musical, social and emotional skills, while also providing  teachers and administrations a clear view of the curriculum’s effectiveness.

WURRLYedu utilizes Grammy Award Winning Artists as a gateway to learning. For teachers, it is a web portal with a personalized curriculum builder that is supported by lesson plans and short form videos from Grammy Award winning artists. For students, it is a mobile app containing thousands of popular songs across multiple genres, which students can customize, practice and record both inside the classroom and at home. By connecting these two products we create a dynamic assessment tool that allows for truly experiential learning.

“We believe all kids should have access to high quality music education, and this access should be available 24/7, to meet learners when they feel inspired,” -said Nadine Levitt, CEO and founder of Wurrly.

“Our technology makes it easy to deliver emotionally relevant content both inside and outside the classroom walls in an environment of accountability for teacher and students.”


WURRLYedu is uniquely built to support experiential learning, starting each learning cycle with INSPIRATION, which drives learners to PRACTICE new skills, then RECORD themselves and REFLECT on that recording.  Starting the learning cycle with emotionally relevant content maximizes engagement as the student is already naturally interested. Focusing on reflection is an important distinction, as it strengthens learning by allowing the brain to process the same concept multiple times from different perspectives.

School District of Philadelphia Executive Director for The Arts & Academic Enrichment Frank Machos says, “The recent launch of our Arts and Creativity Framework is an expressed commitment by our district’s leadership to ensure that all students in Philadelphia have access to meaningful, quality arts education and that our teachers are equipped with the resources to serve their students.  We are honored to partner with WURRLYedu in these efforts as their innovative and forward-thinking approach to music education not only reflects the students world today but makes learning fun and accessible.”

Along with local efforts in Philadelphia to integrate traditional music education with more culturally relevant programming such as Modern Bands, recording and production, and informal or experience-based learning, various national and international programs have begun to recognize the momentum in Philadelphia.  The Grammy Music Education Coalition recently announced that The School District of Philadelphia is one of three inaugural districts to receive multi-year support and funding for instruments and recording equipment. United Kingdom based Warwick Music Group, creators of pBuzz and pBones also recently committed to working closely with Philadelphia teachers in a wide-scale implementation of instruments and pedagogy through ongoing professional development.  


“We believe that WURRLYedu’s philosophy of INSPIRE, PRACTICE, RECORD, REFLECT goes far beyond music education, helping to hone analytical, communication, collaboration, problem solving, stage presence and self awareness among other life skills,” said Levitt. “It’s effective, fun and engaging for students, and inexpensive.”

WURRLYedu recently showcased its app and lessons to educators at the 2018 Professional Development Day for the Philadelphia School District. To see highlights of the day, visit:

About WURRLYedu


WURRLYedu is a complete technological solution for music educators designed to inspire students and create engaged learners. WURRLYedu’s partners include the California Department of Education, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Los Angeles, The Exceptional Children’s Foundation, which has a special needs focus, and Turn Around Arts Schools. The company was founded by Nadine Levitt, a professional opera singer and songwriter, who performed with David Foster, Andrea Boccelli, and Steven Tyler among many other artists. Her passion about music in schools, led her to start WURRLYedu. For more information, visit: https://www.wurrlyedu.com.

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